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Save the Date

* Mar 16: Spring Pictures

* Mar 16: Early Release (2:10)

* Mar 17: No School

* Mar 20-24: Spring Break (No School)

* Mar 28: Kindergarten Round-Up

* Mar 30: Skate Night

* Apr 6: First Grade Music Performance (7:00pm)

* Apr 27: Field Trip to KC Symphony (kids only)

* May 9: Field Trip to KC Zoo (kids and parents)

News and Notes


Each week you child will be responsible for being able to read and spell the list of words provided.  The words in italics are words that match the sound(s) of the week.  The words in bold regular print come from the first grade sight word list.


3-13 to 3-16


toy, joy, foil, boil, join, coin, point, noise, enjoy, Royals,want, they


The MAKING WORDS CHALLENGE has been a hit.  We have had several participants return with huge lists of words.  The purpose of this activity is to find a fun way for parents to work at home with their kids.  Parents are encouraged to be part of this challenge, but make sure that the kids are understanding the words you are creating.  A couple of the lists that came in this past week, had several words that I didn't even know what they meant.  Remember, the goal is for the kids to create words and write them down (with parent support)... not just turn over a list of words created by mom or dad.


Your child will be bringing home a sheet of paper with 12 letters.  As a family, try to create as many words as possible using the letters provided.  Each letter can only be used one time per word.  Parents can help make words, but kids have to write them down and be able to read it back.  


Try to steer your child away from spelling Proper Nouns (names of people and places).  


This week's letters are..... 


A Surprise!!!!!  This will be one of the activities that you'll be doing with your child at the Leader Showcase.


Please have your child turn in their words by Thursday.



Our first grade students will get to go on TWO wonderful field trips this spring.  The first will be to the KC Symphony on April 27th and the second to the Kansas City Zoo on May 9th.


The trip to the symphony will be for students and teachers only; while all parents are encouraged to join us at the zoo on May 9th.  Mark it in your calendar today!




If your child brings home a green piece of paper that says, "Words to Learn," be sure that your child is practicing to spell these words.  Each list is specific for each child and they are quizzed over them the following week.  Some weeks your child will not bring home a list, meaning he/she is a "Spelling Super Star."


The next Kellybrook Skate Night is March 30th and it's a big one!!!  I wanted to give you a heads up to circle this date on your calendar.  I know that it is impossible to make to all of the KB events, but the kids really do love seeing each other outside of school.  So...  We are going to try to get as many kids from our class as possible to show up for the March 30th Skate Night.  So if you can only make it to one skate night this year, make it March 30th.


Save the date!

Kellybrook Fine Arts Night

April 6th- K and 1


Students will have their artwork on display and also perform their music concert on this night.  They will need to wear their grade level t-shirts. 


Here is the plan for the evening:


5:30- Building doors open for K students (April 6th) to show off their artwork

5:45- Doors open to the gym and parents deliver students to meet their teachers in classrooms

6:00- Kindergarten music program in the gym (April 6th)


(Families will need time to exit the parking lot prior to the next group of families arriving.  If you child is in the second round for the evening: Please do not arrive much earlier than 7:00!)


7:00- 1st grade students (April 6th) may enter the building and show off their artwork on their respective nights

7:15- Doors open for the gym and parents deliver students to meet their teachers in classrooms

7:30- 1st grade music program in the gym (April 6th


The last day to order a yearbook is Friday, February 24th.  Every year there are students who are disappointed when these arrive, because their parents promised they would order one and forgot.  Then, I get to see parents scrambling to make calls to order one and it's too late.  Don't be that mom or dad.  If you are not going to order one that is fine, but please communicate that with your child so they are not devastated when they arrive.  The yearbooks are always awesome and well worth $15. 


We are now learning to measure length in Math using Standard and Non-standard units of measurement.  We start off using non-standard units (our hands, feet and items around the room) so that students can see the value of measuring using Standard Units (inches, feet, miles).


When measuring length with Standard or Non-Standard units it is important keep follow these principles in mind:


- measure in a straight line

- no gaps between units

- units can not overlap each other

- all units must be the same size

- units must be keep still to be accurate


These seem like "no brainers", but you would be shocked how many times a 6 or 7 year olds need these reminders.


Enrollment for the Summer Adventure programs begins Monday, February 6th.  You will be required to enter your child's Student ID number.  An individualized Summer Adventure enrollment sheet will be in your child's binder on today.  


If your child plans on riding the bus this summer, be sure to be signed up by the transportation deadline on April 5th.


The direct link to sign up is below.  If you lose the paper or card with your child's number, shoot me a quick e-mail and I'll resend it to you.


Summer Adventure 2017




Online enrollment opens at 9am on Monday, February 6 by visiting the Summer Adventure website.  Be on the lookout for a letter coming home Friday, February 3 that will include your child's student id#. You will need this number to sign up for Summer Adventure. The dates this summer are June 5-29. Hope to see a lot of students!


Know the Difference Between Cold and Flu Symptoms

Cold vs. Flu  





Lexia (Core 5) is a phonics and phonological awareness program that we use in class each week.  Our hope is that every student will pass Level 9 (1st grade expectation) by the end of the school year.  To attain this, each student has two goals: a set number of minutes for each week and total number of units to pass.  Students can work towards these Lexia goals at home too. 


Make sure that your child has appropriate clothing for recess.  The playground behind the school is one giant wind tunnel and it gets very chilly.  Even when the temps reach the 60's, the fifty mile an hour winds behind the school make it seem much cooler.  We will go out to recess every day unless it's raining or too icy/snowy.


Our end of the year goal is to have your child counting forward and backwards from 0-120.  Each student will be able to count forwards and backwards by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.  Practice this at home by starting a number sequence and have him/her extend the counting sequence.


















Understanding how to count by 1s, 5s and 10s, will help your child tremendously when we transition to counting money.


If your child masters counting from 0-120, have them continue number sequences from 0-1,000 and begin counting sets of coins.

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Class Expectations

1. Follow Directions

2. Have Fun

3. Show Respect

4. Be Safe

Goals for Life

I can take good care of myself, even if I am mad.

I can be productive and follow directions even if I don't want to.

I can be okay, even when others around me are not okay. 

Project Based Learning